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Committed to Safety

At ACG our people are our greatest asset, and we are committed to spending the time and money to train them in industry safety standards, give them the knowledge to know “why we do what we do” to keep them safe and return them home to their families at the end of each day. We pledge to operate with the same integrity regarding construction site safety as we do with our business – doing the right thing even when no-one is looking.

ACG’s Safety Philosophy

Our owner group chose Allegiance Contracting Group as the company name because it epitomizes our relationships with and loyalty to both our customers and our employees. We value the safety of our workers first in everything we do and apply the following philosophy to each construction site development plan we undertake.

  • We will not become complacent with our safety program, nor will we ever be satisfied; instead it is always maturing and improving
  • Safety will not be compromised for either profit or production
  • We believe a clean site promotes a safe environment; we are committed to storing materials and staging equipment in designated areas on site, and practicing good housekeeping throughout the course of the project to eliminate unnecessary hazards
  • Our work does not start until we conduct pre-task planning and identify potential hazards. As the work progresses, conditions change, and we reevaluate accordingly
  • Toolbox talks are mandatory, and all crew members are required to attend
  • Our field staff is required to inspect all tools and equipment before, during, and after use each day; anything found to be in need of repair, not approved/certified, or otherwise unsafe is to be tagged out or locked out and off-limits for use in our work
  • Our construction site safety program includes a zero-tolerance rule on violations involving (1) confined space requirements, (2) excavation and trenching standards, and (3) lockout/tag out of equipment, tools, chains, lifting cables, etc. that are not certified or in need of repair. Violations in any of these categories will result in suspension without pay or termination of employment.
  • We are committed to providing our employees with proper PPE and upfitting them with the latest, most advanced tools/equipment to perform their work in a safe environment.
  • We practice regular safety audits and crew reviews and report back to our staff accordingly.

Our Safety Handbook

ACG has a detailed construction site Safety Handbook, which is supported by procedures to train our workers in the protocols and ensure compliance. This includes:

  • diligent record-keeping and OSHA log reviews
  • policies for safety violations, substance abuse, trench excavation, and confined space entry
  • a respiratory protection program
  • accident investigation
  • new employee orientation, employee training acknowledgment, and employee emergency action plan
  • hazard communications program
  • safety orientation checklist.

Our diligence doesn’t end with our employees, however; we aim to ensure our subcontractors are safe at all times and our policy includes a subcontractor notice of an unsafe act or condition.

Taking Action on Safety

We employ three full-time operations managers who have more than 40 years’ experience in construction site safety, who answer directly to our President Chuck Smith and Vice President Greg Boush.

We conduct extensive safety training annually for all ACG employees, which includes task-specific instruction. A highly-qualified, full-time safety manager makes regular on-site inspections, and all workers are required to participate in the daily “toolbox talks,” make use of protective clothing and equipment.

All employees have a STOP WORK authority they can exercise if they believe a working situation is unsafe or they feel endangered at any time. We investigate any and all construction site safety incidents with the utmost caution and support our workers at all times.

Safety ACG Raleigh NC
Safety ACG Raleigh NC
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