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Our president, Chuck Smith, has spent many years as a sitework contractor. He is passionate about building ACG into a transparent, professional company, and always aims to steer clients in a direction that serves their best interest. Chuck keeps his finger on the company pulse, working daily to promote ACG’s core values through a high level of detail, accuracy, and meaningful input that offers a win-win formula for his clients.

Aligned for Value

As a company owned and operated by licensed professional engineers, Chuck believes ACG distinguishes itself from others in the industry. Although ACG does not operate as a design engineering firm, the company is aligned to provide valuable input during the process from site planning to development, which Chuck sees as meaningful to the customer base. The company is very accustomed to providing a second set of eyes to value engineer or make field changes to find better solutions and alternatives.

Current Role

As president and majority owner of ACG, Chuck strives to give customers a higher level of detail and accuracy than the competition. This runs the gamut from the bid process to field operations. He urges ACG staff to listen well, and then focus on the targets. Chuck ensures employees keep the client’s targets in the crosshairs and maintain professionalism at all times. He insists customers receive an uncommon level of detail and communicate with them in a manner that leaves no questions or uncertainty.

Background, Experience, & Birth of ACG

Chuck grew up in Brown Summit, NC, where his parents still reside today. The roots to his work ethic started at the age of 12 where he spent his summers working ‘sunup to sundown’ six days a week in the tobacco fields.  It was in his hometown and upbringing that he also learned the meaning of giving his word to someone and doing business on a handshake. While big business today requires written contracts and paper trails, Chuck still believes a person’s word is binding and strives to operate with the same integrity of his small hometown background.

Following his graduation from NC State University in 1992, Chuck spent over 20 years in sitework construction before starting ACG. He learned from the ground up with a shovel in his hand and went on to bid and manage projects of all types. He has experience with NCDOT/Heavy Highway, Commercial, Military, and Residential projects. Later in his career, Chuck spent a great deal of his time in upper management positions where he held more strategic roles in managing the business. In 2015, Chuck made the decision to start his own sitework company, and was strongly encouraged by builders and developers he had worked with over the years. After partnering with Greg Boush, they spent the next six months putting together a comprehensive business plan along with ensuring they had the capital to support it. ACG very much ‘hit the ground running’ from day one with the licensing, credentials, office space, resources, and capital to bid, contract, and manage multi-million dollar sitework packages.

While ACG has a loyal customer base in the residential sector, Chuck sees ACG as more than capable of expanding its footprint and resources into other areas. For this reason, he has been very intentional to hire strategically with ACG’s staff, both in the office and the field, as it relates to everyone’s specific project experience. In addition, Chuck has worked behind the scenes from the very beginning to ensure ACG positions itself with the bonding capacity necessary to bid and contract work without restriction.

Current Credentials

Chuck is the licensed qualifier for ACG with the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors. Holding an Unlimited License, ACG is able to bid and contract work without any restriction with regard to size and dollar amount. Chuck is a Registered Professional Engineer (PE) in the state of North Carolina and holds a BS in Civil Engineering from North Carolina State University.

As President of ACG, Chuck is actively involved in all day-to-day operations, monitoring safety and production, as well as overseeing project management, estimating, and contract administration. He ensures the proper utilization of resources, while at the same time managing the company’s overall business development strategy.

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