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Construction site utilities are an important factor in the preparation of a lot, and ACG takes pride in delivering comprehensive services. Our storm drainage crews install the construction site utilities needed for good erosion control, and we use the most up-to-date techniques to ensure the effectiveness of the utility. With our field staff’s extensive experience and our management team’s expertise, we work closely with the owner, developer, and/or engineer of record during the early submittal stages and throughout construction.

Water, Sewer, and Drainage

ACG installs both above ground and underground utilities for construction sites. Our services range from water and sewer mainline installation to fully functional community wells and pump stations.

Sanitary Sewer Systems

Constructing sanitary sewer systems for proposed developments is another aspect of the construction sitework process, which, if not executed correctly, can lead to disruptive, time-consuming and expensive remedial works. At ACG, we perform all sanitary sewer work in accordance with approved site plans and strive at all times to add value engineering to the process through our extensive experience. From installation of sewer mains through to the construction of pump stations, the development of quality sewer facilities receives our full attention.

Storm Drainage

Stormwater management plans are required to comply with various building permit regulations. Controlling the quantities and methods by which stormwater leaves your construction site is a primary component of site development. At ACG, we use the most up-to-date methods and technology, install storm pipe structures, bio-retention pond construction and maintenance, sand filter construction, underground detention systems, level spreaders, roof drains and area drains, in accordance with the stormwater management plan. Our storm drainage crews install the construction site utilities needed for good erosion control.

Water Lines

ACG enables our customers to get water when and where they need it. We install waterlines of all types, including copper, polyurethane, PVC, ductile iron, and others, ranging from ¾” up to 24” in size. We also install all the related appurtenances, such as fittings, hydrants, blow-off assemblies, backflow preventers, and others.  Once lines are chlorinated and tested, ACG can serve your needs for individual water services to each lot or site.  Our crews are highly experienced, and they know what it takes to get a passing test the first time so that your project stays on schedule.

Technology and Commitment

ACG combines leading-edge technology with innovative solutions for all types of utilities in construction and an unfailing commitment to safety to ensure that our customers are able to meet their water distribution, sanitary sewer and storm drain utility needs with the highest levels of reliability and quality.

We aim to value-engineer a utility infrastructure that is most cost-effective, while still satisfying specifications for acceptance by governing authorities.  In addition, our focus on confined-space and competent-person training provide customers with the added assurance that safety is our top priority.

Ensuring Quality Control

We endeavor at any cost to avoid the need to redo part of the work, and/or to incur warranty issues when it is time to turn over to the appropriate regulatory authority. ACG makes painstaking efforts to ensure quality control at every stage of the construction site utility installation, through measures such as pipe lasers and running cameras in the lines throughout the process. This focus on quality means an increased ability to adhere to the schedule and milestones set, which we understand have an economic impact on the developer and owner.

Superior Housekeeping

At ACG we pay particular attention to the appearance of our sites, including the overall state of organization, general housekeeping, orderly staging of materials, the way piping is laid out on the ground, the even appearance of the clean-out stacks, and the dressing of surface after installation of piping into the ground. We aim to ensure it looks like a finished job, even while it is being built. We feel strongly that the appearance “above the ground” is a reflection of the quality “below the ground” and are accustomed to receiving compliments from our customers noting this element of our work specifically.

Commitment to Safety

During the installation of all the types of utilities in construction, we practice our commitment to safety daily because of the extreme inherent danger in this kind of work. Although we always operate according to the specifications of the approved plans, we are closely attuned to the unique standards of the applicable municipality and realize that there are nuances from one agency to another.

Our Warranty Promise

At ACG, we attempt at all times to avoid extensive punch list and warranty work, and we maintain that the combination of our knowledge of governmental authorities, our commitment to best-of-class employees, and the use of appropriate equipment and processes leads us to our stellar record of avoiding underground utility issues. We believe this is critical to ensure an efficient transition from the construction site utilities work to the stone, curb and paving work, and our processes and discipline ensure this.

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