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At ACG, our highly qualified and professional team provides you with the site preconstruction services you need to make every development you undertake a resounding success. We conduct all types of construction site work, taking your project from start to finish. ACG carries out all grading and utility work with in-house forces and outsources the remainder to subcontractors with proven track records while controlling schedule and quality.

With the finest utility crews in the industry, ACG has the expertise to perform all site utility installations. We provide early due diligence in the preconstruction phase and aim to understand our customer’s internal workload.

Bringing All Parties Together

During the preconstruction phase, ACG brings the expertise of our owner group to the table in the planning, coordination and control of your total site development. We participate at key stages including inception, planning, cost estimating, schematic design, design development and construction stage, with the aim of meeting your requirements and producing a functionally—and financially—viable project.

During the due diligence stage, site preconstruction services stage, and/or site planning stage, we work with our customer and the engineer of record to develop the optimal initial design, provide preliminary budgets, and establish a baseline schedule to press up against our customers committed target dates.

We identify potential pitfalls and help with contingency budgeting and resource planning to address them. This phase is vital to the overall success of the development as the plans become a reality and go through the subsequent submittal process for review and approval.

While we pride ourselves on managing schedule and budget on all projects, those that we are involved in at the earliest planning stages are the ones that we feel show our real value in the end.

Components of the Preconstruction Phase

The main components of the preconstruction phase typically include early due-diligence through preliminary plan takeoff and budgeting, along with considerations for subsurface conditions that could otherwise turn out to be costly if not reasonably considered.

We combine historical data from past projects along with known subsurface conditions through a test dig of the site, or review of any available geotechnical reports to properly provide our customer with our opinion on considerations to schedule and budget that otherwise might get missed.  This also involves thorough knowledge of standards and specifications for the area or governing authority so that materials, means, and methods are understood at the planning stage, which promotes the most accurate budget up front.

Constructability is a big consideration when given challenging site work conditions.  We work with the engineer of record and our customer to properly assess the conditions and desired layout, then point out what adjustments and/or changes make sense from a contractor’s perspective in order to build it the most efficient and cost-effective way.

With ACG’s experience in our self-performed work and our network of suppliers and subcontractors, our customer can rest assured that we have thought through all scheduling and budget concerns and have the ability to assemble the team to perform the work and meet expectations of the total site development schedule. Our value engineering capabilities kick into high gear during this stage, to ensure the owner can expect an exemplary return on investment.

Planning and Safety

At ACG, we believe strongly that the most effective tool we have for preventing accidents is pre-project planning. Our team sets about identifying potential safety issues and budgeting for precautions designed to reduce risks and minimize disruptions. These have the added advantage of making each job run more smoothly, while ultimately lowering our exposure to high-risk conditions on site.

An effective and well-implemented preconstruction process significantly reduces unnecessary costs and helps avoid delays. Site preconstruction services that are performed correctly are the route to successful completion of a high-quality site construction project.

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