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ACG self-performs all grading, erosion control, and utility scopes (sanitary sewer, storm drain, and waterline installation). This generally makes up 60% or more of the turnkey sitework package that we offer to our customers and therefore gives us the controlling items of work in terms of schedule and budget.

Once a construction site development project is contracted, we set a day/time each week for progress meetings on site. This meeting typically lasts about an hour and we flush out any questions/concerns related to the project as well as those related to schedule and budget.  We follow up with phone calls, email, or any other correspondence accordingly.  We have a strict policy on communication with the customer, and our customers should never find themselves with a surprise.

Typically, contracts are provided to us for review/signature, however, ACG can provide a standard AIA contract agreement in the absence of one provided by the owner.  To remain a reputable site development firm, ACG does require a fully executed contract to be in place prior to any work activity on site.

ACG’s owner group has partnered with a select group of subcontractors over the years to deliver on every construction project development plan we undertake.  While it is not our intent to use the same subcontractor base exclusively, we are very mindful of developing relationships with those who commit to us in the same manner that we commit to our customers.  Our goal is to manage our work seamlessly from one scope to the next such that our customer has only one point of contact, and that’s us.  The only way we can do that is to have good quality subcontractors that represent us well – it’s an essential part of our business.

We have heard many horror stories over the years from customers who got a contract signed with a competitor site development firm and then it was ‘controlled chaos’ after that, with no single point of contact or regular communication.  We assign a project manager to each contract and we are prepared to have those discussions in detail well ahead of time, during the bid process.  Our customers will always be informed and always have a point of contact.  We do not play musical chairs during the project.  We believe in relationships, being organized, and being consistent in what we do.

Very few things can sour a relationship in our business like a non-disclosed change order.  This one is simple, but many of our competitors get it wrong.  We identify and discuss any work outside of the contract up front.  It is our responsibility as construction site development contractors to keep the owner informed at all times, and if we are doing our job, then more than likely any scope outside of contract has been identified and discussed well in advance.  We do not proceed with any work outside of contract until everyone is on the same page.  Period.

ACG is licensed under our formal name, Allegiance Contracting Group, LLC (NC License #76892).  We are licensed as Heavy Highway and Public Utilities with an Unlimited contract capacity.  We are also bondable and can provide a letter from our surety stating such, if necessary, as part of the prequalification for a bid.  ACG prides itself on having the necessary qualifications to offer you a turnkey sitework package and we welcome the opportunity to provide a competitive quote among other qualified contractors.  To see if your other bidders are properly licensed and qualified, go to You may be surprised, and it could save you a headache later down the road.

In 2016 ACG separated itself in many ways from the traditional ‘start up’ sitework contractor. One of those ways was to put together a comprehensive four-year business plan, properly capitalize the business, and then execute the plan. As an owner group we always knew our plan of a quick ramp up to a certain volume of work, number of crews, etc. and our customers trusted us with sizable construction site development projects in our first year. We have been doing sizable projects for a while now and many have been completed and closed out. There is no specified ‘size’ project for ACG; the size that best fits us is the one that we evaluate properly together with our customer and are comfortable with where it hits in our work cycle.

ACG has an in-house policy on the timing of getting our walkthroughs done with the owner, municipality, etc. We have a report dedicated solely to the timing of the walkthrough, punch list, and punch list completion on every project. While many construction site development contractors move on to bigger things where they can create a bill, we are more focused on finishing what we started, and making sure we get it under warranty for the customer as soon as possible.

Simple – we have worked with many of our crews/field staff in the past with other companies through the years, we recruited them to ACG through our relationship, and we promise to take care of them. This is another area where ACG aims to separate itself. As our site development firm grows, we continue to grow our benefits package to our employees. But, just as an employee’s pay or benefits is of high importance, so too is the genuine interest we have as an owner group in them personally and their families.

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