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Stone, Curb and Paving

As the last stage of construction site work, paving provides the finished product for daily use and ongoing maintenance. We believe strongly in the importance of a smooth transition from the utility phase to the stone, curb and paving phase.

Paving and Curb Services

ACG and its partners offer productive, integrated and innovative solutions for the complete paving requirements of your job site. From milling to compaction, our solutions can help customers ensure quality, reduce expensive material usage, and pave to the tight accuracies required by today’s government agencies.  Our stone, curb and paving services include fine grading, stone, curb/sidewalk and asphalt paving for roads and streets, subdivisions, facility projects and more.

The Asphalt Paving Process

The provision of roadways is vital for every construction site, to facilitate the construction of the buildings destined for the location. After land clearing, excavation and grading have taken place and once the utilities are installed, our stone, curb and paving partners prepare the sub-base to ensure a stable surface on which to apply the new pavement. This includes compaction to ensure the roadways remain durable for many years to come.

The sub-base is followed by the laying of a binder layer, after which the asphalt is added to create a clean, smooth surface. A final roll ensures that no uneven areas of aggregate or stone are left showing through the surface.

Aligned with Quality Partners

At ACG, we use subcontractors for all our stone, curb and paving work. We align ourselves only with the highest quality firms, with whom we have long-standing relationships, and we take the ultimate responsibility for keeping the project on track throughout this stage. This is the time when all punch list and warranty items need to be resolved as rapidly as possible with the governing body. We work directly with the authorities to ensure that the process flows smoothly to avoid delays and ensure the owner/developer can address them as soon as it is practical.

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