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Excavation and Grading

The excavation and grading services are a critical component of every sitework construction project. At ACG, we begin first by fully understanding the subsurface conditions. This is done by a thorough review of a geotechnical report, if available, or by test-digging the site prior to construction. In the absence of a geotechnical report or the ability to test-dig the site, ACG relies on its experience in the area to make reasonable assumptions to the type of soil conditions that we will likely encounter based on the site’s relationship geographically to sites we have completed in the past.

Effective Resource Allocation

With our management team having knowledge and experience with subsurface conditions in the area for over 20 years, our customers have the assurance that we generally know what to expect before we put a bucket in the ground.  This translates to effective budgeting and resource allocation to the owner to assure there are no surprises coming out of the site work construction project. We minimize our clients’ exposure to any unknowns that could otherwise cause budgets to be blown.

Land Clearing

As the first stage in the development process, our services include existing building demolition, selective grubbing and clearing, and right-of-way clearing. ACG’s highly-trained experts will assess your site and identify the most appropriate method of clearing and preparing it for construction in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner, in accordance with all applicable plans and permits. The quality of land clearing and grubbing sets the stage for a successful project.

Developing the Site

Once we fully understand the conditions and match the resources to the project, our excavation and grading services include all the heavy equipment and expertise necessary to deliver a ‘balanced’ site.  We are prepared to handle all site conditions encountered, whether that includes:

  • dealing with unsuitable soils,
  • rock blasting/excavation, or
  • working with our customer to make field adjustments to grades.

ACG utilizes the latest GPS technology on our equipment, which allows us to achieve proposed grades confidently and in a timely manner without the need for—or delay caused by—traditional staking and surveying.

A One-Stop Shop

Some site conditions require cast-in-place or segmental walls to achieve desirable lot grades. ACG has developed subcontractor relationships over the years to provide retaining walls where applicable within the scope of our sitework construction project, so we can incorporate the installation and backfill of walls within the management of our earthwork operations.  ACG essentially is a ‘one-stop shop’ to our customer’s earthwork balancing needs.

Ensuring Safety

As one of the top excavations and grading contractors in North Carolina, ACG Raleigh is responsible for the safety of all parties involved on-site. To facilitate this, our company:

  • Hires workers with the appropriate construction experience,
  • Arranges training programs that develop their abilities to operate our equipment and machinery,
  • Ensures our equipment is always in good working order,
  • Follows an exhaustive safety policy with regard to all sitework construction projects we undertake,
  • Supplies personal protective items for all workers who may be exposed to dangerous working conditions.

ACG prides itself on the housekeeping of our sites and the appearance of our equipment. We believe that a clean site with presentable equipment and properly stored materials promote a safe site.  In return, our customers can market their site with full confidence that the job looks professional and is properly maintained at all times.

Excavation and Grading ACG Raleigh NC
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