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Technology & Equipment


ACG bids, performs, and manages our work using the latest software. Using B2W software for estimating, clients can rest assured we understand their costs and are providing a competitive, thorough bid proposal for their construction site development.

We use B2W’s integrated tablets in the field to manage and track our production, compared with many of our competitors who continue to use paper field reports. This enables us to get accurate reporting quickly and be aware of our schedule considerations at all times.

The project management team at ACG is consistently aware of the resources on the job and the production being achieved in ‘real time’ rather than waiting on paper reports to make it to our office. This allows us to track our schedule effectively and adjust resources quickly if needed to hit our targets.

Our Agtek Earthwork 4D software enables us to provide the most accurate bids and ensure dirt is moved in the most efficient manner. In addition, ACG upfits our equipment with Topcon GPS  machine control, allowing field staff to get to grade quickly and accurately.

ACG’s ability to provide our clients with technology that eliminates the lead time of surveying and staking ensures we are on time and accurate.


At ACG, we believe in providing our staff with the latest tools and machinery to do their jobs. Whether this means pipe lasers, rovers, pickup trucks, or heavy equipment, our customers can count on ACG to have the best resources on their project that money can buy. We want our staff focused on the customer’s targets, rather than on a malfunctioning piece of equipment. Our operators are assigned to every piece we own and take personal responsibility in making sure it is maintained daily.

We believe a contractor’s storefront speaks volumes to a customer about how their job will look while in progress. Our equipment is an investment that we go to great lengths to maintain in appearance and good working condition.  We feel the same way about our customers’ job sites, and we ensure this mindset carries over into good housekeeping and neatness in everything that we do.


Technology & Equipment ACG Raleigh NC
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